Eight bridges connect the San Francisco Bay, so it is an apt name for a gallery platform that brings the Bay Area art world together.

Our mission is to maintain a vibrant gallery scene, despite restrictions on travel, celebrations and other larger gatherings. We want to support our artists by informing and entertaining curators, collectors and critics with potent online exhibitions of their work.

On the first Thursday of every month, we will launch 8 shows of artists relevant to the Bay Area. They may be working in this place, long considered an epicenter of change, or deeply engaged in the conversations the Bay Area holds dear, whether it’s related to technology, the environment, social justice or sexual identity, to name a few. In addition, each month will highlight the crucial work of a Bay Area non-profit arts organization as its beneficiary, with an initial donation led by Phillips.

Founding Committee

Claudia Altman-Siegel, Kelly Huang, Sophia Kinell, Micki Meng, Daphne Palmer, Chris Perez, Sarah Wendell Sherrill, Jessica Silverman, and Elizabeth Sullivan

Ambassador Committee

Sayre Batton & Maja Thomas, Joachim & Nancy Bechtle, Matt Bernstein, Sabrina Buell, Wayee Chu & Ethan Beard, Natasha Boas, Douglas Durkin, Carla Emil, Matt & Jessica Farron, Lauren Ford, Ali Gass, Stanlee Gatti, Brook Hartzell & Tad Freese, Pamela & David Hornik, Katie & Matt Paige, Putter Pence, Becca Prowda & Daniel Lurie, Deborah Rappaport, Komal Shah & Gaurav Garg, Laura Sweeney, The Battery, Robin Wright, Sonya Yu & Zack Lara


Lobus, Phillips, The Space Program

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Hirshhorn Museum (via Haines Gallery) – Artist Talk with Kota Ezawa: On Art and Animation

   German-Japanese American artist Kota Ezawa looks to the news, popular culture, art history, and cinema to source material for his work, which explores how recording technologies mediate our understanding of current events and images. Beginning with his 2002 video The Simpson Verdict, in which the artist used digital drawing software to animate footage of […]

Catharine Clark Gallery – Nina Katchadourian: To Feel Something That Was Not of Our World

Catharine Clark Gallery opens its 2021 program with To Feel Something That Was Not of Our World, a solo exhibition of new work by multi-disciplinary artist Nina Katchadourian, on view January 9 – February 20, 2021. The artist’s first solo exhibition at Catharine Clark Gallery since 2014, Katchadourian’s long-awaited presentation invites viewers into an immersive […]

Headlands Gallery – Responsive Eye Part III: theshapeofempty.space

An Evolving Online Exhibition co-presented by Telematic Media Arts and Headlands Center for the Arts Perhaps best known as a master of computer animation, Peter Burr’s exhibition consists of several concurrent installations: Part I: People, Kid Games, and the Infinite at Telematic's SOMA West gallery space; Part II: Black Square, presented by Telematic at Minnesota […]

Headlands Gallery – Responsive Eye Part I: People, Kid Games, and the Infinite

Perhaps best known as a master of computer animation, Peter Burr’s exhibition consists of several concurrent installations: Part I: People, Kid Games, and the Infinite at Telematic's SOMA West gallery space; Part II: Black Square, presented by Telematic at Minnesota Street Project’s Black Box Gallery, and Part III: theshapeofempty.space presented online with support from Headlands […]

Catharine Clark Gallery – Live Zoom Walkthrough of “To Feel Something That Was Not of Our World” with Nina Katchadourian and Douglas Robertson

Multidisciplinary artist Nina Katchadourian walks through her solo exhibition To Feel Something That Was Not of Our World via Zoom with special guest Douglas Robertson, the oldest son of the shipwrecked Robertson family featured in the true-life story Survive the Savage Sea (1973). E-mail Anton Stuebner, Director, for advance registration.

Et al. – Talk with Artist, Simonini and Et al. Co-director, Aaron Harbour


On the occasion of the opening of Ross Simonini's first US solo show at Et al., we are hosting a talk between Simonini and Et al. co-director Aaron Harbour in which they will speak about repetition, language, the subconscious, refusal, the miracle of soil, and more, or maybe less.

Haines Gallery – Kota Ezawa: Lennon Sontag Beuys

In conjunction with 4x8-bridges, Haines Gallery presents an exclusive online screening of Kota Ezawa's 2004 animated video, Lennon Sontag Beuys. Lennon Sontag Beuys is based on existing footage of impassioned public speeches addressing notions of peaceful protest.


A virtual roundtable presentation with four artists from Oakland’s artist-run Mercury 20 Gallery. Kathleen King, Chris Komater, Mary Curtis Ratcliff and Johanna Poethig introduce themselves, present a sampling of their work, and talk about inspiration, process, and connection.

Mercury 20 Gallery – WALKTHROUGH: 2020 RE:VISION

Mercury 20 Gallery artist Christine Meuris is your guide on a virtual walkthrough of our annual, holiday-season group show, this year titled 2020 RE:VISION. The gallery is filled with work that researches questions arising from tumultuous change and responds to this year’s simultaneous feelings of doom and liberation, collapse and possibility.

Gagosian – Giuseppe Penone and Hans Ulrich Obrist


In a talk organized for 4x8-bridges, Giuseppe Penone and Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of the Serpentine Galleries, London, will discuss the artist’s practice, which is deeply engaged with nature and time, as well as his outdoor installation in Fort Mason’s Great Meadow, overlooking San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge. Register for event […]

4 x 8-bridges “Missions and Ambitions” Talks (Part 1)


We invite you to explore 4×8-bridges “Missions and Ambitions” Talks, a series of livestreamed conversations with Bay Area art-world movers and shakers across two sessions. Part 1 will feature Glen Helfand, curator and Associate Professor at CCA San Francisco and adjunct professor at Mills College, Oakland, in conversation with: Claudia Altman-Siegel, Altman Siegel; Aimee Friberg, CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions; Kelly Huang, KCH Advisory; Karen Jenkins Johnson, Jenkins Johnson Gallery; and Jessica Silverman, Jessica Silverman.



Artists Masako Miki, Marcus Leslie Singleton, and Amy Lincoln each make work addressing the social issues and perspective of our times. Join the artists in a Instagram live conversation with CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions director Aimee Friberg about each artists practice. Join us @cultexhibitions at 4 pm PST on January 26.

San Jose Museum of Art – Prisons and Poetics with Reginald Dwayne Betts


A poetry reading and conversation with award-winning American poet, memoirist, and educator Reginald Dwayne Betts. Betts uses poetry and literature to speak to the failures of the current criminal justice system and to create ideas for change.

4 x 8-bridges “Missions and Ambitions” Talks (Part 2)


We invite you to explore 4×8-bridges “Missions and Ambitions” Talks, a series of livestreamed conversations with Bay Area art-world movers and shakers across two sessions. Part 2 will feature Lauren Schell Dickens, Senior Curator at the San Jose Museum of Art, in conversation with: Sophia Kinell, Phillips; Daphne Palmer, Fraenkel Gallery; Chris Perez, Ratio 3; Elizabeth Sullivan, Pace Gallery; and Sarah Wendell Sherill, Lobus.

Hosfelt Gallery – In Conversation: Rachel Federman and Todd Hosfelt


Rachel Federman, Associate Curator of Modern and Contemporary Drawings at The Morgan Library and Museum, and Todd Hosfelt, founder of Hosfelt Gallery, will discuss the gallery’s current exhibition ASSEMBLED: Bruce Conner / Jean Conner / Anonymous / Anonymouse / Emily Feather / Signed in Blood, on view at Hosfelt Gallery through March 6.

/ (slash) – Bay Area-Based Curators in Conversation


Bay Area-based independent curators Juana Berrío, Naz Cuguoğlu, Sam Vernon, and Leila Weefur, who are each organizing an upcoming exhibition at /, will be in conversation about the practice of curating now and into the future.

Creative Growth – Cocktails with Creative Growth


Learn about Creative Growth’s history, relationship to Art Brut, and the artists presented in the 4×8-bridges week during a cocktail hour conversation with Tom di Maria and Sarah Galender Meyer from Creative Growth, and Anton Stuebner, long-time supporter and Director of Catharine Clark Gallery. Registration is required, and the cocktail recipe will be sent in advance.

CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions – Masako Miki and Dr. Natasha Boas: Studio Visit and Discussion


Join artist Masako Miki and independent curator and writer Dr. Natasha Boas for a discussion of Miki’s new public art commission of 9 bronze sculptures in San Francisco’s Mission Bay, which will be unveiled later this winter. Miki and Boas will discuss the new bronze forms of Miki’s ongoing Shapeshifter series, and give sneak peeks into her studio practice in Berkeley, as she prepares for her third solo exhibition New Mythologies with CULT Aimee Friberg Exhibitions. CULT Director Aimee Friberg will facilitate a Q&A after the discussion.

CCA Wattis Institute – Lecture by Miguel López on Cecilia Vicuña


Overlapping memories related to his friendship with the artist and reflections on her work, Miguel López introduces Cecilia Vicuña’s sharp creative practice in the form of a letter addressed to the artist. He shares his intimate perspective on working with Vicuña over many years, as well as the enormous impact of her visceral entanglements between words and seed, sound and thread, quipu and blood.

Jessica Silverman Gallery – Talk with Ali Gass and Conrad Egyir


Detroit-based Ghanaian artist Conrad Egyir will be in conversation with Ali Gass (Executive Director and Chief Curator of the Institute of Contemporary Art San José) on Zoom. The artist will discuss his new paintings for 4×8-bridges and his upcoming Facade Project with ICA San José in summer 2021.

Hashimoto Contemporary – Conversation Between Gallery Artist Joel Daniel Phillips with Scott Stulen (Philbrook Museum of Art) and Poet Quraysh Ali Lansana (Tulsa Artist Fellow)


Hashimoto Contemporary is pleased to present artist Joel Daniel Phillips in conversation with Philbrook Museum of Art Director Scott Stulen and poet Quraysh Ali Lansana. The three will discuss “Killing the Negative”, a collaborative series of works by Phillips and Lansana exploring an untold history of censorship within the Great Depression-era Farm Services Administration.

BAMPFA – To Hell and Back: Artists Explore the Post-2020 Landscape


Acclaimed recording artist/musician PC Muñoz, together with Robert Moses, founder of the dance company Robert Moses’ Kin, and performance artist and composer Cellista take a deep dive into how artists can create and thrive in a post-2020 world. Be prepared for some crowdsourced creativity as well.

Altman Siegel – Soft Network: Reclaiming Network


The content that each artist has contributed to the Altman Siegel online viewing room as well on Rachel Comey’s website and in her NYC store will be introduced by each participant in this conversation. The group will also workshop new methods of activating online spaces and marketplaces as a means of addressing shifting concerns of cultural production and survival during this transformational time.

Ever Gold [Projects] – Reimagining Artist/Dealer Relationships


Join us for a conversation about reimagining artist/dealer relationships with artist and former dealer Mieke Marple and artist manager and curator Maya Futrell. We will examine whether the model of gallery as both brick-and-mortar retail space and talent management is still relevant today. In doing so, we will discuss the inefficiencies of such a model […]

Altman Siegel – Alex Olson and Suzanne Hudson, A Platypus Glows Under Blacklight


Altman Siegel is pleased to present artist Alex Olson in conversation with art historian and critic, Suzanne Hudson. The two will discuss Olson’s current solo exhibition at the gallery, A Platypus Glows Under Blacklight, and more broadly how it sits within the painter’s broader practice.

BAMPFA – Virtual Art Lab Drop-in Session

Have you been missing the experience of making art in a collaborative space? The company of other people’s creative processes can be a catalyst for new ideas, inspiration, and spontaneity. Join facilitator Alayna Boots Tinney for a virtual drop-in art session in the spirit of BAMPFA’s Art Lab, using any materials and techniques you choose. All ages welcome.

Headlands Gallery – Responsive Eye Part II: Black Square

Perhaps best known as a master of computer animation, Peter Burr’s (AIR ‘19) exhibition consists of several concurrent installations: Part I: People, Kid Games, and the Infinite at Telematic’s SOMA West gallery space; Part II: Black Square, presented by Telematic at Minnesota Street Project’s Black Box Gallery, and Part III: theshapeofempty.space presented online with support […]

Headlands Gallery – Community Rapid Response Fund

In late 2020, Headlands developed a Community Rapid Response Fund (CRRF) to provide fast, direct and unrestricted support for work made by artists in partnership with other individuals and organizations in their communities that address vulnerable populations or social inequities. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2021, we are now calling for applications for another round of the CRRF, which provides an award of $1000 towards the completion of a project in-progress. Letters of interest will be accepted until February 8, with funds to be distributed in late February.